Plastic pipe thread machine(T)
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Plastic pipe thread processing machine is in order to meet the current hardware plumbing industry, chemical industry and used by the department of agriculture irrigation and drainage, large-diameter plastic pipe, plastic pipe thread processing equipment designed special plastic tubing thread processing machinery, used for plastic pipe ends of inner hole and cylindrical screw thread processing forming connections. Using plastic pipe threader LTXD – 160 type, can efficiently to complete all kinds of straight pipe thread, taper pipe thread processing, such as pipe, rod, tube, pipe tube, mine pipe, water pump, etc. This machine is for the plumbing industry, chemical industry, the agriculture department of ideal machine


1, Automatic slotting machine is for online or seperate operation.
2, Varied diameter pipe, it could be applied for different diameter pipes.
3, PLC Control system, easy operation.

Main technical parameter:


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